Top 10]Most dangerous dogs to humans 

Pit Bulls 

There's debate around whether pit bull breeds are inherently more dangerous than others, but their size, strength, and tendency to grip and hold make bites highly damaging.  


Exceptional learning ability. Eager to please and responsive to training. Standard, miniature and toy sizes have same intelligence. 

German Shepherd 

Used often as police and military dogs, German shepherds are highly intelligent and energetic. Attacks happen when owners fail to channel their energy and train them properly. Their bites can badly injure people. 


Strong prey drive makes huskies likely to attack smaller pets or even young children if not properly supervised and trained. Their size allows them to knock adults over as well. 

Alaskan Malamutes  

Related to huskies, malamutes often have high prey drives and propensities to attack smaller animals and children. They're heavier than huskies, posing more risk. 

Doberman Pinschers 

Known as vigilant, fearless guard dogs, Dobermans can become aggressive or bite if they perceive threats. Attacks may be frequent but not usually as damaging as larger breeds. 

Chow Chows  

Chow chows often have aloof personalities with intrinsic aggression toward strangers. They also tend to express dominance and have high prey drives toward small animals. 

Like malamutes and huskies, Siberians were bred to pull sleds over long distances. They often lack human interaction and can have high prey drives. Their bites can badly injure humans. 

Siberian Huskies 

Great Danes 

Though gentle and friendly if properly trained, Great Danes can perceive small children as prey due to their large size. They can seriously injure people unintentionally in certain situations.  


While friendly companion dogs, boxers' tendency to jump up toward faces can lead them to unintentionally harm humans and small animals.  

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