Top 10] Worst Behaved Dog


These small dogs are infamous for barking excessively and snapping if strangers get too close. They can be difficult to train and housebreak. 

Chow Chow  

Chow Chows tend to be independent and stubborn, making them a challenge to train. They are also territorial and suspicious of strangers. 

Siberian Husky  

Huskies have a strong prey drive and like to run. Without enough exercise, they may destroy things out of boredom. They are adept escape artists. 

Afghan Hound 

As one of the least obedient breeds, Afghan hounds are aloof and like to do things their own way rather than following commands. 

Jack Russell Terrier  

Full of energy and highly intelligent, Jack Russell Terriers need extensive training and activities or they can get themselves into mischief by digging or barking a lot. 


Dalmatians have an unusually high activity level and demand constant attention and exercise. Without it, they can be destructive. 


As hunting/scent hounds, Beagles will follow their noses wherever they lead. This can result in wandering/running away and difficulty recalling. 

Though friendly, bulldogs can be stubborn and manipulative with selectively listening to commands. They may be difficult to housetrain. 



The Basenji has a reputation for being energetic, stubborn, and less obedient. As a hunting breed dog, they also have a tendency to bark and be destructive. 


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