Top 10] Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Use Positive Reinforcement

Reward good behavior, don't punish Build trust and bond Provide treats, praise, play as rewards

Mark exact moments of desired behavior Bridge between behavior and reward Clear communication for dog

 Use Clicker Training

 Practice Obedience Command

Sit, stay, come, heel - build control and focus Daily 5-15 minute training sessions

Crates are safe spaces, not punishment Slowly build tolerance for longer times Provide water, toys to make comfortable

 Crate Train Properly

Manage the Environment

Remove temptations to prevent misbehavior Gradually add distractions in training

Use a Consistent Schedule

Predictable routine, feeding, walks Helps avoid accidents and anxiety

 Socialize Effectively

Safely expose to variety of people/places Teach good manners around other dogs

Avoid emotional hellos/goodbyes Provide stimulation when alone

 Prevent Separation Anxiety

 Proper collar and leash for control  toys and treats to motivate

 Use the Right Training Tool

Be Patient and Consistent 

 Dogs don't generalize well Reinforce training daily Celebrate small successe

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