Top 10] Training of German Shepherd

Use Positive Reinforcement

Start training early and consistently. German Shepherd puppies are very intelligent and can start basic obedience as young as 8 weeks old. Training in short, frequent sessions will be most effective.

Use positive reinforcement. German Shepherds respond extremely well to reward-based training rather than punishment or scolding. Praise and treat rewards help reinforce wanted behaviors.

 Use Clicker Training

 Practice Obedience Command

Teach important commands first. Focus initial training on commands like "sit", "stay", "come" and "down". Build a foundation of respect and control.

 Socialize extensively. Expose your German Shepherd to new people, dogs, places, sights and sounds starting at a young age so they learn how to properly interact with the world.

 Crate Train Properly

Manage the Environment

 Prevent boredom. This active, working breed needs a job to do and plenty of mental + physical exercise. Bored Shepherds are destructive.

Use a Consistent Schedule

 Use a firm, consistent hand. German Shepherds require strong leadership and crave structure and clear direction. Be a confident trainer.

 Socialize Effectively

Advance training gradually. Increase challenges slowly in difficulty and distractions to set your dog up for success rather than failure as their skills strengthen.

 Practice daily obedience. Reinforce commands and obedience skills with daily refreshers and practice sessions to maintain a well-trained GSD long-term.

 Prevent Separation Anxiety

 Learn motivation tactics. Discover rewards that your individual dog responds strongly to and incorporate them into training sessions. Food, toys or praise can all motivate.

 Use the Right Training Tool

Be Patient and Consistent 

 Be patient and committed. Training a German Shepherd takes dedication, consistency and time especially in the puppy stage. Put in the effort and you'll have a wonderful companion.

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