Top 10] personalized gifts for dog

Custom pet portrait 

Hire an artist on Etsy to create a custom painting or drawing of your dog. These make for great keepsakes. 

Embroidered dog bandana 

Find a seller who will embroider your dog's name and cute designs on a colorful bandana. 

Engraved ID tag  

Purchase a nice dog tag made of leather or metal and have your dog's name engraved, along with your phone number. 

Personalized dog treats  

Find bakeries that customize tasty treats with your dog's name and fun shapes. 

Monogrammed food/water bowl  

Buy ceramic bowls and have your dog's initial engraved. They'll feel fancy at meal times. 

Custom holiday ornament 

Known as vigilant, fearless guard dogs, Dobermans can become aggressive or bite if they perceive threats. Attacks may be frequent but not usually as damaging as larger breeds. 

Embroidered dog collar 

Spice up your dog's collar with their name stitched in threads that match their personality. 

Make plaster prints of your dog's paws to create special mementos. 

DIY paw print kit  

Custom pillow with dog's face  

Upload a favorite photo of your pup to decorate a pillow as a cute gift. 

Dog themed gift basket 

Fill a basket with personalized items like treats, toys, bandana, ID tag, etc. for a thoughtful surprise. 

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