Top 10] Medium-Sized Dogs 

Labrador Retriever  

One of the most popular dogs breeds, Labs are friendly, active, and make great family pets. They are athletic dogs that need daily exercise. 

Intelligent, kind, and eager to please, Goldens make excellent companion dogs. They love to play and interact with people. Their beautiful golden coats do require regular grooming. 

Golden Retriever 


Known for their wrinkled faces and stocky builds, bulldogs are loyal and courageous. They form strong bonds with their owners and get along well with children. They don't need a lot of exercise. 

With their floppy ears and big personalities, beagles are fun-loving and energetic. They require lots of activity and exercise and can be quite vocal. As hounds, they love to follow interesting scents. 



Boxers are active, goofy dogs that vigorously devote themselves to their families. They need consistent training and plenty of exercise. With patience, they make wonderfully loyal pets. 


Their distinguished lion-like mane and rich blue-black tongue make them unique, explaining the $3,000 to $8,500 price tag. They hail from ancient China as hunters, guarders, and herders.  


Known for their speed, energy and athleticism, Vizslas have an affectionate nature and zest for life. They thrive when given vigorous daily exercise along with mental stimulation. 

Bred for hunting and known for their stunning silver-grey coats, Weimaraners are energetic and obedient when well-trained. They need active owners who can meet their considerable exercise needs. 


Considered the smartest dog breed, border collies excel at canine sports and tasks requiring concentration and stamina. They flourish best when kept occupied with lots of exercise and mental challenges. 

Border Collie  

Australian Shepherd 

A working breed traditionally used to herd livestock, Australian shepherds are intelligent, eager to please and love staying active. They excel at canine sports and make great companions for active owners. 

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