Top 10] Raw Food Dog 

Supports healthier skin and coat 

Raw diets provide omega fatty acids that promote skin and coat health. 

Chewing raw meat and bones helps clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup. 

Cleaner teeth and fresh breath  

Increased energy levels 

Raw foods contain natural enzymes and nutrients that are easier for dogs to digest and utilize effectively. 

Raw diets have fewer fillers and carbohydrates, so dogs feel satisfied eating less food overall. 

Healthier weight 

Improved digestion  

The natural enzymes in raw foods ease digestion. Less starch and fillers also reduce stomach upsets. 

Reduced allergies 

Some dogs have allergies to common ingredients like wheat or corn fillers in commercial kibble. Raw diets avoid these. 

Better stool quality 

Raw fed dogs produce less waste and smaller, firmer stools 

Raw diets avoid over-processing that destroys natural nutrients dogs need to fight illness and infection. 

Stronger immune system  

Overall, raw fed dogs experience less illness and often live longer, healthier lives. Following a nutritionally balanced raw diet is the closest they can get to a natural, species-appropriate diet. 

Better longevity 

Shinier eyes and nose 

Micronutrients like vitamins A and E in raw food lead to clearer eyes and a shinier nose. 

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