Top 10 Dogs For Home Security

German Shepherd 

Known for being highly intelligent, loyal and protective. Excellent guard dogs and police/military dogs. 

Doberman Pinscher 

Very loyal and protective. Intimidating appearance makes them excellent guard dogs. High energy and very trainable. 


Large, strong dogs with natural guarding instincts. Known for being fearless but also obedient. Require extensive training and socialization. 


Large, muscular breed with a threatening presence but generally docile. Excellent guard dogs with powerful bites. Can be stubborn though. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback  

Originally bred to help hunt lions. Very loyal and protective of family. Athletic, intelligent and confident dogs. 

Giant Schnauzer 

Large, athletic dogs with a lot of energy. Naturally suspicious of strangers. Easy to train in guarding and territorial skills. 

Belgian Malinois  

Highly intelligent herding dogs used by police/military. Very energetic, loyal and protective. Require constant stimulus and early socialization. 


Known to be very protective of family. Energetic and playful but wary of strangers. Often used as guard and police dogs. Devoted companions. 

Cane Corso 

Intimidating, Italian mastiff breed. Protective of family but needs extensive training. Muscular and athletic but also affectionate. 


Originated as guard dogs in Japan. Fiercely loyal with protective instincts. Respond well to commands but early socialization is critical. 

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