Top 10] Dog Breeds With the Absolute Highest Bite Force


743 PSI The Turkish Kangal is the strongest dog with the highest bite force. Its powerful bite is over twice as strong as a pitbull. 


730 PSI This mastiff/bulldog mix was originally bred as a guard dog and has an incredibly powerful bite. 

Cane Corso  

700 PSI The Italian Cane Corso was bred as a catch dog to restrain wild boar and cattle. It has a strong, muscular build and bite. 

Dogo Argentino 

500 PSI Developed in Argentina primarily for big-game hunting, the Dogo Argentino has an extremely powerful bite. 

Dogo Canario 

40 PSI Also known as the Perro de Presa Canario, this dog was bred for working livestock. It has a very strong bite. 

Grooming kit 

556 PSI Originally bred in Tosa, Japan for dog fighting, this massive dog has incredible biting power. 

English Mastiff  

556 PSI One of the largest dog breeds in the world, the English Mastiff has a very strong bite matched by its size. 

Doberman Pinscher 

600 PSI Known for protection and law enforcement roles, Dobermans have compact muscular builds and immensely strong bites.

American Bulldog 

305 PSI Bred as an all-purpose working dog, the American Bulldog is tenacious with a powerful bite. 

German Shepherd 

238 PSI With a strong bite developed for protecting and herding, the versatile German Shepherd is one of the most commonly used working breeds. 

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