High Maintenance Hounds: The Top 10 Dog Breeds Requiring Most Care


Poodles require frequent grooming and haircuts to keep their curly coats from matting. They also need a lot of mental stimulation and training. 

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are working dogs that need a lot of exercise and training. They can become destructive if bored or untrained. 

German Shepherd


Bulldogs are prone to many health issues like breathing problems, joint issues and overheating. They require vet care and monitoring of their diet and activity. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies need a lot of grooming and care for their long silky coats. Their small size also makes them prone to health issues. 

Belgian Malinois

This herding breed has endless energy and needs vigorous daily exercise. They require extensive training and mental stimulation. 

Border Collie

Extremely intelligent and energetic, border collies need lots of activity and jobs to do or they can develop behavior issues

Doberman Pinscher 

Dobermans need regular grooming and training. They are prone to compulsive behaviors if not stimulated. 

Chinese Crested

This hairless breed needs sunscreen and clothes for temperature regulation. Their skin requires frequent moisturizing and cleansing. 


These Hungarian sheepdogs have thick corded coats that require intense grooming to prevent matting and odor. 

Afghan Hound

1. Afghan hounds require daily brushing and bathing to keep their long silky coats neat and clean. CopyRetry

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