Top 10] Breed of Dogs

Labrador Retriever  

Even-tempered, intelligent, and eager to please. One of the most popular breeds for family pets and service dogs. They have a short, weather-resistant coat that requires minimal grooming. 

German Shepherd 

Smart, confident, and courageous. Originally bred as herding dogs, now often used as police/military dogs. Their double-layer coat needs regular brushing. 

Golden Retriever 

Friendly, eager to please, devoted family dogs. Their water-repellent double coat needs regular grooming. Intelligent and easy to train. 

French Bulldog 

Playful, smart, and entertaining "clown dogs." Affectionate companions with minimal exercise needs due to their small size. They have a short, fine coat that is easy to groom.


Calm, courageous, and friendly. Originally bred for bull baiting, now gentle companions. They have a short, flat coat that needs occasional brushing. Sensitive to heat due to their pushed-in faces. 


Curious, playful, and energetic hound dogs. They have a short, dense coat that requires weekly brushing. Their strong sense of smell needs proper training and activity. 


Intelligent, energetic, and obedient. The curly Poodle coat is non-shedding and needs regular clipping/trimming. Poodles are eager to please and highly trainable. 


Self-assured guard dogs and loyal companions who need experienced handling. They have a medium-length double coat that needs occasional brushing. 

Yorkshire Terrier 

Confident and courageous small dogs. Their long, steel-blue and tan coat needs daily brushing. Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate and adaptable. 


Playful, energetic, loyal to families. Short-haired, low-maintenance coat. Their high energy and strength need proper training and activity. 

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