Top 10] High-Maintenance Dogs 


Require lots of grooming and haircuts. Prone to ear infections. 

English Bulldog  

Susceptible to overheating, joint issues, and flatulence. Need wrinkle care. 

German Shepherd 

Need extensive training and activity due to intelligence and energy levels. Prone to hip dysplasia. 

Yorkshire Terrier 

Require daily brushing and maintenance of their long, silky coat. Prone to tracheal collapse. 

Doberman Pinscher 

Require substantial physical and mental stimulation. Prone to dilated cardiomyopathy. 


Can be stubborn and challenging to train. Heavy shedders. Susceptible to bloat. 

Shih Tzu  

Require daily face and coat brushing. Prone to dental issues. 

French Bulldog 

Prone to respiratory issues and heat regulation problems due to pushed-in face. 

Brussels Griffon  

Prone to tear staining, dental issues, and heat sensitivity. Require coat brushing. 

Chinese Crested 

Require skin moisturization and sun protection. Prone to skin conditions. Shed little hair but need bathing. 

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