10 Most Destructive Breeds of Adorable Pedigree Dog

By Bishwas

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed of dog in the United Kingdom


It's astonishing how much harm a bored Chihuahua can cause. Their razor-sharp teeth can rip through carpets, clothes, and furniture faster than you can say "where's the dog?"


Rottweilers are a gentle and cuddly breed, but they have been known to chew for a variety of reasons, including just exploring their environment.


Rottweilers are mostly a placid and affectionate breed, although they are known to chew for a variety of reasons, including just to investigate their environment.


A lonely Beagle will not only chew whatever they can find, but they will also scream and dig - even if it is merely carpets. With this lovely breed, regular exercise is essential.


Only Dachshund owners seem to understand how destructive their beloved sausage dogs can be at times. It's sometimes difficult to understand why they do it. 

Great Dane

Great Danes, from the tiniest to the largest, are notorious chewers when they are young. They frequently grow out of it, but leave them alone for too long 


Dogs, like people, can develop food allergies. Chicken, meat, dairy, and wheat are common allergies in dogs. 

Border Collie

Border Collies are the world's most intellectual dog, and they like having a full schedule of duties and jobs to keep them busy.

Jack Russell Terrier

Nothing makes them happier than trashing their toys. Play with them frequently with their genuine toys, and ideally they will prefer them the next time they want a good chew.

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