Top 10] Best Gifts for Pet

Interactive toys 

Toys that dispense treats or make noise when batted around are fun for pets to play with. Popular options include puzzle feeders, electronic motion toys, treat-dispensing balls 

Comfy bed 

Known for its unique corded coat that resembles dreadlocks. It needs extensive grooming to prevent the cords from becoming matted. 

Dental chews 

Chew toys and treats help clean pets' teeth and satisfy their natural desire to chew. Look for VOC-free and USA-made options. 

Custom tag & collar 

A large herding dog covered in a thick, shaggy double coat that can be gray, fawn, black, blue merle, or grizzle in color. Needs lots of grooming. 

Pet camera 

Keep an eye on pets from your phone with a WiFi pet camera. Some even dispense treats! Great for separation anxiety too. 

Grooming kit 

Help pets look their best with a grooming kit containing brushes, combs, nail clippers, shampoo and more. Useful for any pet parent. 

Car safety gear 

Protect pets while driving around with a comfy car seat, restraint or carrier designed for travel safety. Add a seat belt clip too. 

Species-appropriate toys 

Consider a pet's natural behaviors and instincts. Get kitties chasing toys, dogs chewing ropes, and small pets running through tunnels. 

Treats and snacks 

Spoil pets with their favorite jerky sticks, dried fruits and veggies, peanut butter recipes, or other natural and healthy treats. 

Pet clothing & accessories  

Let pets show off their style with sweaters, boots, bow ties, bandanas, costumes or even sunglasses and goggles for an Insta-worthy look. 

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